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This public discussion forum is intended for players flying on the Aces Over Europe and Aces Over Pacific DF Servers.

When registering new user to the forum, we kindly ask you to enter login exactly the same (or similar, if not able to enter special characters) as your nickname used in the game.

You will ease the recognition process of regular users on the servers.

On the contrary, if you register under different login than used in the game, the account will not be most propably ever activated as it is a defence against spambots.

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11.02.2018 20:26
Thanks for the video! You guys are awesome and It's a big plesure to fly with you guys. I will spread the word! Cheers! Úsměv

11.02.2018 20:17
Our bombsquad flies every Sunday. We start at 20:00 UTC+2. We will be glad to everyone! Mrknutí

11.02.2018 20:11
our today's flight, 11 bombers in one formation Úsměv https://www.youtub

26.11.2017 02:56
Thanks Matylda. I answered. Cheers!

25.11.2017 08:25
Taro PM

07.11.2017 22:52
Thanks Achilleus. Regards.

31.10.2017 20:31
UP again

29.10.2017 17:58
Both servers are offline Smutný

09.10.2017 20:27
310_Podrs, please check your email. I sent you two new maps for AoP server Úsměv Cheers!

04.09.2017 21:12
thank you.


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